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In case of questions regarding your order in the shop, delivery, return information, products or your account, please contact our customer service.

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Can I cancel/change my order?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel or adjust

your order after the order has been placed.

My order is cancelled, what happened?

It may happen that your order is canceled due to a shortage in stock (for example due to multiple orders at the same time). The purchase amount will be immediately refunded to your account and if you have used Klarna this amount will be removed from your invoice.

When will my order be delivered?

We ensure that your order is processed and shipped as quickly as possible. Due to the expected high volume of orders, this may take longer than you are used to from us. Below you will find the estimated delivery dates:

Netherlands: 1-5 business days

Belgium / Germany: 1-5 business days

Europe: 4-8 business days

How can I return my order?

1. Click HERE to register your return.
2. Register your return by entering your e-mail address and your order number.
3. Then select the item (s) you want to return.
4. Select one of the return options. *Please note, the costs for returning are for your own account.
5. IMPORTANT, add the return form that came with your package to your return package, without this form we cannot process your return.

- Orders can be returned up to 30 days after receipt.
- Articles must be unworn and unwashed.
- To exchange your item, you must return the item and place a new order.
- Keep your receipt with the tracking code of the return package in a safe place.
- Return shipments are processed by us within 10 working days after receipt.

Can I return items from different orders in 1 package?

Yes, you can combine several orders in 1 package by registering 1 order number as a return.
Important: Make sure that the return forms of all orders from which you return items are present in the return package, without these forms we cannot process your return. Make it clear to our warehouse that it concerns several orders in 1 package.

Can I exchange an item?

No, we always refund the purchase amount when we processed your return, if you want to receive another size/article you can place a new order.

I have not yet received a refund of my return, what is the status of my return?

Due to the high volume of orders in our warehouse, it may take longer before your return is processed and the purchase amount is refunded to your account. As soon as you have received confirmation that your return package has been delivered to us, we will refund the purchase amount within 10 working days. If you have used Klarna as a payment method, we will adjust the purchase amount on your invoice.

My return has not been picked up by the forwarder, what should I do?

It may happen that the agreed pick-up time of your return package is unfortunately not feasible for the carrier. In most cases, the carrier will come the next day to pick up your package. If your package has still not been collected, you can contact Returnista via the link below, they will help you with the delivery of your return. 085 000 4152 ( Whatsapp only )