At Pure Path we know that we, as a fashion brand, must take our responsibility in our own contribution to a global problem of overproduction and overconsumption.

For us, it all starts with our design philosophy that is based on enduring contemporaneity. Our goal is to make sure our products last both in quality and design. In addition to delivering timeless style and quality, Pure Path is committed to the ongoing development of the ethical and sustainable handling of its operations.

We value our long-lasting work relationships with our manufacturers and together we aim to be more sustainable in all aspects of what we do. Our products are not just products, your products are made with care and craftsmanship with high quality at a fair price.



We believe we’re all in this together. That’s why we build partnerships based on sharing the same believes: Reducing our ecological footprint. Therefore, Pure Path will be the pioneer in giving clothing a second life and offering our customers, you, an unique chance to contribute to a cleaner world.


Pure Path joins forces with Sympany and Returnista for a revolutionary system that gives textile a second life. Together we aim to reduce the fashion industry’s emissions by giving all these textiles another purpose. We offer a one-stop solution for textile collection and processing. This will be done through 3 different processes:

  • You can send your clothing/textiles through our portal on the Pure Path website to Sympany.
  • You can drop off your textile in a selected shop(coming soon).
  • We send all our unusable stock to Sympany
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Post Collection Process

After the collection of clothing, a process of sorting follows, and the organization to find a sustainable reuse of the textile. We take care of it according to the R-ladder for maximum circularity of the collected clothing. Ultimately, we also try to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

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We want good quality clothing to be worn again. It most sustainable is to extend the life cycle bysell in second-hand shops at home and abroad.


Have clothing pimped up or make interior products for shops from collected clothing. It is all possible. We work with partners in mainly Netherlands to create exclusive designs.


Is a piece of clothing no longer good enough to wear again, then we look at recycling options. It preferably as high-quality as possible (closed loop). That's how collected clothing is reused for new yarns and fabrics. We invest in new innovations to work towards a circular clothing industry.

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